gaming done right

Online Gaming done right

Online Gaming is all about people, and that's exactly what sets the True Odds platform apart. Our social oriented platform will have your players interact, chat, and play together - a mindset that is consistent from games, over promotions up to CS and social integration features. A modern virtualised setup guarantees the highest levels of operational stability, and a live integrated management platform maximises the efficiency on common CS and management tasks.

True multi platform

In our modern age you need a solution that works on everything at once, with minimum effort. Our games and 3D engine are developed to work on all current technologies, straight in your browser. No hassle, no downloads, no app stores, just instant fun and gratification resulting in a higher conversion for you.

Unique and fun games

We produce our games ourselves and they simply look great and are a lot of fun to play. We'll never release anything that we think isn't fun or is playtested by actual players. We're constantly developing more and more games so that new releases are swift and regular. But please, don't take our word for it, decide for yourself:

What do we do?
The short answer?
Pretty much anything with a computer

The long answer?


We can provide an extensive web-app for your online gambling business. We can handle everything from concept design to finished product and support. If there's some steps of the process you would prefer to handle yourself, that's possible too.


Aside from a full package, we can also offer our games (both A & B Belgian casino licensed) as stand alone plugins for your existing online gambling website. With minimal effort on your side we can implement our games within a few weeks. Contact us for a full overview of all our games on offer.

Gambling Productions

As everything is produced in house, we have the technical know-how to produce gambling productions for you, both physical and online.

Art & 3D

Do you want a custom game or additional artwork for your gambling website? We can offer that too!

What have we done?
A lot of cool stuff!

Full feature WebApp

For we created a full html/WebGL gaming platform straight in the browser. It has many features such as:

  • Over 100 games
  • A secure payment processing utility
  • A chat feature
  • Tournament mode complete with rankings
  • An extensive custom made backend to give the operator optimal ability to manage his website

Some of our games...

You can test our games for free at